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Welcome to the easy guide to setting up my-subscriptions using the management console

The following sections provide a general guide on each of the features and should be self explanatory.

The RESTful API guide provides detailed descriptions of each of the configurable elements of my-subscriptions.

Step 1 - Sign in and register

Create an account by signing up at
1. Enter your email address
2. Enter a user name: FredJones
3. Enter a strong password  – We require a minimum of 8 Characters in length,  both lower and upper case letters and also numbers.

After you have entered your details you will be asked to verify your email address by selecting the button in the email we have just sent you. (Check your spam folder just in case its got filtered)

Step 2 - Login to your account

Enter your Username and password.

Once logged in you will be presented with your live dashboard, detailing, Events over time, Schedules over time, number of apps and user.

Quick guide to the menu :
Dashboard – Your real time dashboard
Templates – The place to create, edit and manages subscription interval templates
Schedules – The place to schedule a template to run

API – Embedded details of the my-subscriptions API
Full API – Embedded details of the TREE API (Technomercialism Reoccurring Event Engine)
Events – A dashboard showing you a live view of your events

Profile – Where to configure your client details, as well as configure additional clients. 

Step 3 - Create your first template

The clue to templates is in the name – they are exactly that. Templates define what subscription intervals you want, as well as the interval for the pre notification or post event chasers. When you first open the Template window you will see a list simple to navigate template schedule editor. The left hand pane lists your saved templates and also some templates we have created for you. The middle pane provides a simple summary automatically created that details the configuration of the template.  The right hand pane is the editor to create or edit an existing template. 

As an example lets create a Monthly Template Example – Monthly events with a 5 day pre notification, and 2 hour post notification event

1. Type the name of your Template (Length is up to 30 characters) I.e. Monthly Template

2. In Period input the interval so 1, and then select the units, e.g. Month. This will set the interval to one month between each event. If you selected 2, it would schedule the event every second or other month.

3. Pre Notifications – These enable you to pre-notify ahead of the event, for example you want to Pre-notify your users that they will be billed shortly. If you set the Pre Notify period to 5, and units days – this would trigger a pre notify event to inform your  users 5 days ahead of the scheduled monthly event.

4. Post Notification – These work in the same way as Pre Notifications, just after the event. For example 2 hours after the scheduled event you wanted to send a post event notification ie a thank you message and or an invoice to your users. You would set the Post Notify period to 2, and units to Hours.

5. Event count limit enables you to set the number of occurrences the event will repeat. In our example if you wanted this to be a monthly schedule for 1 year and then automatically stop you would type 12. If you set a value of 0 the schedule never ends its unlimited.

6. Click Save when your finished.

Remember you can always edited your templates at any time.

Useful tip – If you select a template to edit which has scheduled events, my-subscriptions alerts you with a notification under the new/save buttons, Remember if a Template is being used by a schedule and you modify the template it will automatically update the future events in REAL TIME. If

Step 4- Create your first schedule

Once you have built your Template – you can then create your first schedule. 

A schedule uses all of the interval settings from the Template you choose.  So in our example if we select Monthly as our Template all of the interval, and pre/post notification settings used for this schedule will be based upon the monthly template. 

1. Template:
Select the template you wish you use. In our example we will select Monthly.

2. Name:
Type in a name or reference for the Schedule – names do not have to be unique but we recommend they are. In our example we have a monthly billing subscription so we will use a unique user reference ID. B1789-Monthly

3. First Time: 
The time of the first actual event for this schedule. If you wanted to set this to start say on the first of the next month, type in the date you want this to start.  By default the First time is set as the current time when you opened the Schedule form. 

Watch OUT: Prenotification events (if configured) will always occur before this time so FirstTime must be far enough in the future for the prenotification to be sent on time.

NOTE: First actual events may only be scheduled up to 1 year in advance.

4. Client User ID:
A consistent User identifier as used by your application to refer to your own client user identity. This may be hashed or obfuscated by your application (for privacy/security) if your application requires it.

In our example we will user unique User reference: B1789

5. Client Data:
My-subscriptions can store, and send specific data to your application as related to this schedule or your client user ID. 

Example usage includes:

  • my-api-construct for direct sending …
  • my-state-info for continuing my application processing …
  • anything-you-can-dream-of …
    This may be hashed or obfuscated by your application (for privacy/security) if your application requires it
In our example we will leave this blank. 
Click Save to complete.
Thats it!