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Secure, cloud based, infinitely scalable, with the option to be on premise hosted for enterprise customers

Fast & easy integration

You choose. Opt for the quick start GUI based configuration tool or go all out and use the RESTful API's. Its your choice.

Role based privileges

my-subscriptions supports two levels of client privileges, Administrator: Create, modify and review configure your subscriptions
User: read only access

User friendly dashboard to manage an unlimited number of clients

Schedule templates

Template based design principle for fast creation and highly repeatable schedules. Templates ensure consistency, maintainability, simplicity, and are highly expandable. Templates support one-time, event count and time limited schedules. Updates to templates automatically update existing schedules.


Schedule a defined template to run to your predefined event pattern. Schedules automatically update if changes are made to the template with events encrypted as well as supporting user entitlement policy.

Event Resolution

Events are generated and tracked in real time within the precise second they are due, with event granularity from 15 seconds to 1 month.
Events can have an interval of seconds, minutes, hour days, weeks or months.

Event Reminders

Sometimes it's useful to send pre notification of an event before it happens. Pre notification events can be configured to be automatically generated a set period before the actual event. Ie Send a notification to confirm you are about to renew a subscription.

Event Chasers

Once you have triggered your subscription event it is sometimes useful to send a chaser post event notification. Chaser events are configured to trigger automatically within a defined period after the event. I.e. send a thank you notification for renewing a subscription.

Client Dashboard

My-subscriptions comes complete with an easy to use dashboard to setup your service.

List of what the client does here...

Insightful Reports

My-subscriptions comes complete with an analytics suite of tools enabling you to track, monitor and report on your subscriptions schedules. List of what the reporting capabilities are.